Cloth Face Masks vs Dust Masks: Which Is Better For You?

Since the start of COVID-19, there has been a rise in the number of people wearing a face mask.

A face mask is no longer only for countries with a high level of pollution.

Instead entire countries are being told to start wearing a face mask when out and about.

You could say that wearing a face mask is now the new normal for most of us.

But for those people who are new to wearing a face mask, a quick internet search reveals many different types.

Mask types can include cloth face masks, allergy masks, dust masks, fabric face masks and more.  What it means is that for each of these types of mask they cover your nose and mouth and protect you from getting sick.

They do this by forming a barrier over your nose and mouth.  This barrier protects you from breathing in tiny particles from those around you.  These particles can make you sick.

They also protect you from breathing in pollutants in the air.  This can be from car fumes or factories.

In this article we will discuss two types of masks.  Their names are interchangeable across the internet: cloth face masks and dust masks.

We will explain the benefits of each one so you can decide which one is best for you.

After all, now that we all have to start wearing face masks you should pick the best one for your needs.

What Is A Dust Mask?

Depending on the internet and, thanks to Google, this varies.

One person may think of a dust mask having a respirator.  You know, the ones that look like gas masks.  Designed to stop those who wear it breathing in toxic fumes.

Designed to ensure that you breathe fresh air at all times.  A dust mask is great for those who live in polluted cities and travel to work using public transport.

But a dust mask is now also known the same as a standard cloth face mask.  After all, a cloth face mask may not have a respirator, but it still forms a barrier over your nose and mouth.

And that barrier helps stop you from breathing in dust and other irritants.

So, you can describe a cloth face mask with no respirator as a dust mask.  But you can't describe a dust mask as a cloth face mask - confused?

It's all down to website SEO and what we search for to get clicks.

Whilst a dust mask and a cloth face mask both do the same job, a cloth face mask is more general use.  A dust mask is actually for people whose work means they expose themselves to breathing in bad air.

So, a dust mask actually has a respirator and is more sophisticated than a cloth face mask.

It's also recommended for wearing during heavy duty work, like plastering.  This is because there is a high chance of inhaling harmful dust.

It isn't recommended though for everyday wear.

And that's one of the benefits why should you choose a cloth face mask instead.

Man wearing an industrial face mask

What Is A Cloth Face Mask? 

For the majority of people, a cloth face mask is the standard face mask that they will wear.

Depending on which cloth face mask you buy, it may let you add your own filter, or it won't.

It's recommended to get one that allows you to add your own filter.  The filter gives you an added layer of protection against harmful pollutants in the air.

A cloth face mask is easier to wear everyday than a dust mask.  A cloth face mask is also washable and reusable.  A proper dust mask isn't.

As an added benefit, if you get an adjustable cloth face mask then it will be more comfortable to wear than a dust mask.  The respirator on the dust mask can be heavy to wear for long periods of time.

A cloth face mask is more lightweight, but the dust mask is more durable, even though you can't wash it.

You can wear cloth face mask outdoors.  You can also wear them at work and at the gym (once they open again) making them the most versatile face mask to buy.

Woman wearing a fabric face mask

Buy Your Cloth Face Mask Today 

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