Here's Why Your Face Mask Shouldn't Be A Disposable One

For many people, picking a face mask to wear will be a matter buying a pack of disposable ones.

Wearing one a day and then having a brand new one to wear the next day.

But wearing disposable face masks may not be the best solution, and here's why.

For starters, you'll end up paying more in the long term.

When you think about it it makes sense.

Once you've worn the entire pack of disposable face masks you have to order a new box.  This can mean that you end up buying three or four boxes in advance to tide you over.

This isn't cheap.

What's more, what if the store you buy boxes of disposable face masks from has delivery issues and you have to wait?

What are you going to do for face masks then?  

Of course, you can always make you own.  But there's no need.

face mask on top of a laptop

Make Your Face Mask A Washable One

There are many benefits to making your next face mask one that is washable and reusable.

The most common advantage is that your new washable face mask will cost you less in the long term.  This is versus wearing disposable face masks.

Washable face masks can also offer you better protection.  This is because they can support an extra filter, depending on what you buy.

Being able to add your own filter layer can help make your washable face mask more secure.  The extra protective layer stops you from breathing in dangerous air particles.

It also makes your washable face mask more breathable.

It's recommended to add a filter to your washable face mask.

Using a washable face mask is also safer for you because putting your washable face mask in the wash is a benefit.

That's because the hot water helps kill all germs on the mask.  When you dry it in the tumble drier, your washable face mask is not only safe but also germ free.

You can't get this from a disposable mask.

Washable face masks hanging up to dry

Make Your Face Mask an Adjustable One

It's all well and good wearing a washable face mask, or a disposable one.

But for many people, these types of face masks may not be that comfortable.

They may find that the elastic strap can cut into the side of their head after long wear.

If your face mask is not fitted to your face the right way, it can actually be doing you more harm than good.

That's because the face mask is not snug on your face.  So, it can let in invisible microscopic air particles.

It's not good for you to be breathing this in because it may make you sick.

But with an adjustable mask you have the power and control to make your mask fit more snug to your face.

This is great if you plan to wear you face mask for a long period of time.  Such as when you work out or you are at work.  

Another added benefit of an adjustable face mask is that you have less chance of losing it.  This is because it's always around your neck, like reading glasses.

This solves the problem that many people face with face masks is that they lose it.  This is because they have to remember to take it everywhere with them.

But with an adjustable face mask, as long as you have it around your neck, you'll never lose it.

Adjustable face mask on wooden table

Choose the Best Type of Face Mask for You

If you want a face mask that will last you a long time, go for a washable one.  It may not be the snuggest on your face, but it'll definitely last you and save you money.

If you want a face mask that prioritizes comfort, then go for an adjustable face mask.  If you have found face masks to be too tight on your face in the past, then an adjustable face mask may be the way to go.

Both types of face mask are breathable.  With extras layers to protect you from germs.  And both types can also support extra filters for added protection.

Picking either of these is definitely a step up over disposable face masks.  And because more of us are now having to wear a face mask everyday it makes sense to pick one that is safe and secure.

Fitted sells a range of face masks that are adjustable or washable.  The washable face masks come in three styles. Plain color, thin stripes and thick stripes.

They also stock an adjustable fabric face mask as well.

Each fabric face mask is made from 100% cotton, with four layers of protection. 

The first layer is the 100% cotton exterior of the fabric face mask. Layer 2 is a cotton muslin interior. Layer 3 is the optional protective insert for your air filter.

Made from cotton muslin it allows you to breathe and blocks microscopic particles. If you haven't yet got a fabric face mask yet, get one from Fitted, a company you can trust. 

Please note that our face masks are not medical grade.

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