How To Pick The Best Air Filter Mask

Right now, it seems that the whole world is wearing an air filter mask.

With so many different designs and variations how do you know if the air filter mask you have is good quality?

This article will tell you what you need to look to find the best air filter mask for you.

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Choose the Best Air Filter Mask Material

There is a lot of debate right now about the different types of material available for air filter masks. When you think about the material for a face mask you must think about the mask itself and any filters that you want to insert for added protection. 

Remember also that not all air filter masks allow you to insert your own filter.  So that’s an important purchasing factor.

Several air filter masks use cotton as the main material for the mask itself. It's great for being absorbent and protecting from dust and pollution. It also helps keep the inside of the mask dry and protects you from germs.

There are two types of cotton you can use. Material that is 100% cotton is the best for an air filter mask. Other cotton materials are also acceptable, such as linen.

Even organizations such as the CDC recommend using cloth air filter masks. So, the best air filter mask material must be fabric based and not a surgical mask or any other material that you might have lying around at home.

Picking the right material for your air filter mask is important because it needs to let you breathe. It also has to be able to capture particles.

With most people working from home, homemade face masks have become very popular. Choosing the right material if you are unsure can made easy.

All you have to do is hold up the air filter mask material that you want to use to the light. If you can see through it then it means that it won't trap the particles well and you should try something else.

We recommend purchasing store made air filter masks, instead of making your own. These companies know the best air filter mask materials to use. So, you can relax knowing that you are buying an air filter mask which gives you the highest protection.

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Decide If You Need a Filter

Several healthcare professionals have said that they don't see the need for filters.

Organizations such as the CDC have not yet made adding filters to your air filter mask mandatory.

Does that mean you shouldn't do it?

It's definitely recommended to add an approved filter to your air filter mask. You gain the added protection and benefit that the filter brings, but you should only use a safe material.

To test if the filter inside your air filter mask is high quality, breathe through it wearing glasses. If your glasses start to fog up, then the filter is not filtering the air around you - hence your glasses fogging up!

You can also check the quality of a filter by its MPR and MERV rating. MPR means 'microparticle performance rating' and 'MERV' means ‘minimum efficiency reporting value’.   The higher the MPR rating the better the filter.

You should be able to find this information on any air filter mask filter packaging.

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Pick the Best Filter You Can Get

Many air filter masks also let you insert your own filter to give you even more protection. An air filter mask with a filter helps you breathe, and it also removes particles.

It makes your air filter mask almost like an N95 mask that hospitals use. Many people are also making their own filters from hoover bags or coffee filters at home. But you must make sure that you place your filter inside your air filter mask properly.

It has to be between two layers of fabric material. This is so that you don't end up inhaling the materials from the filter. Sandwiching the filter between these layers protects you.

The layers of fabric sandwiching the filter can be cotton, silk or nylon. This protects your face rubbing against the harsh air filter material.

Even if you want to make your own filter for your air filter mask from coffee filters, you shouldn't. Home based materials like coffee filters, tissues or paper towels are not effective.

You can't use them as a filter in your homemade or bought air filter mask because you can't wash them. They also are not good at filtering the very tiny microscopic particles too.

In Conclusion

Going with a cotton-based air filter mask that supports filters seems to be the way forward. More and more people wear air filter masks. So, the material used for the mask and filters is important. This cannot be said enough.

Fitted sells a range of air filter masks that come in three styles. Plain color, thin stripes and thick stripes. They also stock an adjustable air filter mask as well. Each air filter mask is made from 100% cotton, with four layers of protection.

The first layer is the 100% cotton exterior of the air filter mask. Layer 2 is a cotton muslin interior. Layer 3 is the optional protective insert for your air filter.

Made from cotton muslin it allows you to breathe and blocks microscopic particles. If you haven't yet got an air filter mask yet, get one from SiamMandalay, a company you can trust.

Please note that our face masks are not medical grade.

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