Should You Get A Washable Face Mask?

For many people who are not used to wearing face masks, deciding which one to pick can be tough.

Most people may go with purchasing boxes of disposable face masks.  

This is because they are inexpensive.  

But it does mean that you have to buy lots of them because you cannot use them more than once or wash them.

And that's why you may want to look at purchasing a washable face mask instead.

And here's why.

Washable Face Masks Last Longer

There is a definite benefit to using a washable face mask.  It lasts you longer.  You don't have to buy as many and you can wash it after wearing it.

That means it can stay fresh and free from germs in a way that disposable face masks or N95 masks can't.

Disposable face mask and germ logo

Washable Face Masks Look Better

Washable face masks are made from a material that lets you wash it.  

That means that because it will last you longer, it has to look better and less boring than a disposable mask.

For many people this may not be an actual benefit, but we wanted to include it here anyway.

So, you can buy a washable face mask that has many different patterns or pictures on them.  

They go better with your outfits than a disposable face mask or N95 mask, that's for sure!

Washable Face Masks Are More Comfortable

Both disposable face masks and N95 face masks aren't that comfortable - there. we said it!

Disposable face masks straps can be tight, depending on your face shape.  The same applies for N95 masks.  These masks also use elastic which can be very sharp and unpleasant to wear for a long period of time.

If you wear glasses as well then wearing either a disposable face mask or an N95 face mask can get painful.  This is because you have the pressure of your glasses, along with your face mask on the side of your head.

Washable face masks have straps that are comfortable.  Even when you also wear glasses.  When you think about it, they have to.  For a disposable face mask, you wear it once and then dispose of it. 

A washable face masks needs to be comfortable because you are wearing it more than once.  So, the straps of the mask have to be fit all face shapes.  That's what makes wearing a washable face mask better than a disposable one.

Washable Face Masks Protect You More

This is a no-brainer.

Think about disposable face masks.  You are meant to wear them once then dispose of them.  But many people wear them for a lot longer than that.

Because you can't wash them, can you imagine the germs and grime on a disposable face mask?  Imagine if you wore a disposable face mask for an entire week or even longer.

The number of germs on it alone would not be pleasant.

And imagine if you made it worse and wore that same disposable face mask whilst at work.

That means people are coming in to contact with you and germs through your disposable face mask.

Choosing a washable face mask makes much more sense.

With a washable face mask, you can wash it daily and this helps keep it fresh and free from germs.  

So, you can wash it daily and wear it indoors and outdoors and not have to worry too much.

You also can't wash an N95 mask, so choosing a washable face mask makes a better choice than these masks also.

What to Look for In A Washable Face Mask

When looking for a washable face mask, most of them will feature a nice pattern or design.  

Some of them will be adjustable, others may not be.  

But even if they aren't, they are still more comfortable than the other face masks we mentioned.

What matters the most is the material the washable mask is made from, and how many layers it has for protection.  

As an added bonus, you should buy one that lets you add your own filter.

That's because adding your own filter (PM 2.5) protects you from tiny particles in the air.  These tiny particles reduce air visibility and cause the air to appear hazy when the PM2.5 levels are too high.

Exposure to PM2.5 air particles can cause eye, throat, nose and lung irritation.  It can also worsen conditions such as asthma.  

When looking for a washable face mask, if it allows you to add your own filter then you get extra protection.

These are the types of washable face masks that you should buy. 

Start Wearing Your Own Washable Face Mask Today

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