Adjustable Face Masks

Do You Need an Adjustable Face Mask?

Many people may not know that how they wear their face mask can stop it from being as protective as it could be.

That is why when buying a face mask, you should get one that has an adjustable strap.  It is all about securing the adjustable mask to your face and being comfortable for you to wear.

Why Does an Adjustable Mask Need to Be Secure?

Wearing your adjustable mask wrong can make a big difference to how well it protects you.  If your adjustable mask is loose on your face, then it cannot create a secure barrier across your mouth and nose.

That means that when you breathe whilst wearing your adjustable mask there is a gap.  This gap allows tiny and invisible air particles to get in which you breathe in.  That is not good for you.  Wearing an adjustable face mask, the right way can stop this.

When you wear your adjustable mask make sure you adjust it to be a secure fit.  It should cover your mouth and nose with no gaps.  But at the same time, it should not be too tight.  Look for an adjustable face mask that allows you to adjust it the right way for you.

Wearing your adjustable mask, the correct way helps keep you safe and protects you and others.

Why Does an Adjustable Face Mask Need to Be Comfortable?

The answer to this is simple.

You need an adjustable face mask that you can wear all day for all activities.  That means that it must be adjustable so that it is secure across your mouth and nose and not tight on your ears.

A lot of adjustable face masks you can buy use straps that can cut the side of your head if it is too tight.  That is why making sure you adjust it to your fit before your wear it is important.

There is nothing worse than not wearing your adjustable mask right, and it is too tight.  This can cause pain and discomfort along the side of your head, especially if you also wear glasses.

Pick an Adjustable Mask That Fits for You

There are many adjustable face masks that you can buy.

Take time when you are looking for your next adjustable face mask.  Check that the adjustable face mask material is breathable, such as 100% cotton.  Make sure that the adjustable face mask allows you to include a filter or comes with one included.

Finally, make sure the straps and material can be easily adjusted.  Certain adjustable face masks make adjusting the face mask itself hard to do.  You should be able to adjust it easily and it should be a secure and snug fit.  Not tight so that you cannot breathe or move your head.

Buy Your Adjustable Mask from Fitted

Fitted sells a wide range of adjustable face masks designed to keep your safe.  

Our adjustable face masks are flexible and you can wear them in the office or at home.

The exterior of each adjustable face mask is 100% breathable cotton.  Designed to be comfortable and to fit to the face with the greatest coverage.

They have two interior layers.  Made from 100% cotton muslin.  It includes a layer to add your own PM 2.5 paper filter or other filtering layer.

The extra layers give you a 4-layer protective barrier to protect you from germs.

Our adjustable masks are great for work or those with an active lifestyle.

Please note that our adjustable masks are not medical grade.

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