Allergy Face Masks

Why Should You Wear An Allergy Mask?

We are all living in a time when wearing an allergy mask is the new normal.

This is true even more for countries that would not wear allergy masks.  

In fact, many people still don't see the benefit of wearing an allergy mask when they go out or go to work.  

There are many benefits for you to start to wear an allergy mask.

Improved Breathing

Wearing an allergy mask is great for people who have asthma or other breathing conditions.  Depending on how sensitive you are to allergies you may have to wear your allergy mask at all times.

Protection Against Air Pollution

Right now most people are working from home.  But this may start to improve now that the current situation is improving.  That means that if you used to travel to work using public transport you should wear an allergy mask.

It will help protect you from air pollution and fumes.  It will also help protect you from breathing in car emissions.  Breathing any of these is not good for your lungs.  Wearing an allergy mask gives you a layer of protection against these air pollutants.

Protection Against Getting Sick

If you are sick whilst at home you should wear an allergy mask.  It will help to protect you from spreading germs to others around you  and making them sick.

If you go to crowded areas wearing an allergy mask can help you stop getting viruses from other people.  An example of this is needing to wear an allergy mask when you are at work.

Protection Whilst You Work

If you work with materials that produce toxic fumes then an allergy mask can protect you.  It helps stop you from breathing in harmful chemicals, such as bleach, mold or garbage fumes.  Breathing in these fumes is hazardous to your health.

Does Wearing an Allergy Mask Affect Your Lifestyle?

Can you still lead an active lifestyle and do all the same things if you wear an allergy mask?

Yes, you can.

If you lead an active life and enjoy sports and exercise you should wear a 100% cotton allergy mask with a filter.  The filter inside the allergy mask helps you breathe by offering great filtration.

Allergy masks should fit your face.  You don't want your allergy mask to slip whilst exercising.  An allergy mask that has a comfortable elastic strap makes sure you exercise for longer.

If you used to travel to work regularly on public transport then there's an allergy mask that can help.  You should buy an allergy mask that offers a filter to start with.  This can be a filter that you add yourself or is part of the allergy mask.

These types of allergy masks because they use breathable and flexible material.  They are comfortable to wear.  They also protect you against poisonous fumes and other air-based particles.

Buy Your Allergy Mask From Fitted

Fitted sells a wide range of allergy face masks designed to keep your safe.  

Our allergy face masks come in a variety of designs:

  • Block Stripes
  • Plain Pastel Color
  • Thin Stripes

They are flexible and you can wear them in the office or at home.

The exterior of each allergy face mask is 100% breathable cotton.  Designed to be comfortable and to fit to the face with the greatest coverage.

They have two interior layers.  Made from 100% cotton muslin.  It includes a layer to add your own PM 2.5 paper filter or other filtering layer.

The extra layers give you a 4-layer protective barrier to protect you from germs.

Our allergy masks are great for work or those with an active lifestyle.

Please note that our allergy masks are not medical grade.

Check out our range of allergy masks today