Dust Face Masks

What Is A Dust Mask?

A dust mask is a flexible material mask that you wear over your nose and mouth.  

Holding it in place are elastic straps which may or may not be adjustable.  

This depends on the type of dust mask you buy.

There are many reasons why people don't want to wear dust masks:

  • The dust mask is uncomfortable or too hot
  • The person thinks they don't need to wear the dust mask.
  • Other people never wear a dust mask and don't get ill.
  • It makes it hard to do work whilst wearing the dusk mask.
  • Wearing a dust mask all the time makes it hard to breathe

Why Do You Need to Wear A Dust Mask?

You need to wear a dust mask for construction or cleaning.  This is because the dust mask, as the name suggests, prevents you from breathing in harmful dust.

A dust mask protects you from breathing in dust from different materials.  This includes drywall, wood, brick and fiberglass.  Wearing a dusk mask isn't limited to protecting yourself from harmful dust.

You can also wear a dust mask in everyday life to stay healthy.

Wearing a dust mask in public can help you stop getting sick.  It can also help protect your family because it stops the spread of germs.  

It helps to stop you developing respiratory illness.  Usually from inhaling hazardous substances at work or out and about.

How Can Wearing a Dust Mask Protect You?

Wearing a dust mask helps protect you from dangerous substances. These substances you can't see in the air.  Wearing a dust mask and making sure you fit it correctly can help you be safe.

To make sure that you are wearing your dust mask the right way, it must be tight at the edges and snug on your chin.  Make sure that the straps are also in place securely.  For men, they should always be clean shaven when wearing a dust mask.

Being clean shaven lets the dust mask sealing effectively around the face.  To stay healthy when wearing a dust mask men should always be clean shaven.

When you buy a dust mask, look for one that you can add a filter to.  Adding a filter gives you an extra layer of protection. The filter helps prevent you breathing in microscopic particles that can be harmful.

Make sure that you wear your dust mask properly.  It has to be secure on your face.  Use the elastic straps and make sure that the dust mask isn't worn wrong.  Wearing a dust mask wrong lets in dust and other particles that are harmful.

Buy a dust mask that is reusable.  These dust masks are washable in the washing machine.  Washing your dust mask in the washing machine helps kill germs on the mask and lets you wear it longer.

Buy Your Dust Mask from Fitted

Fitted sells a wide range of dust face masks designed to keep your safe.  

Our dust face masks come in a variety of designs:

  • Block Stripes
  • Plain Pastel Color
  • Thin Stripes

They are flexible and you can wear them in the office or at home.

The exterior of each dust face mask is 100% breathable cotton.  Designed to be comfortable and to fit to the face securely with the greatest coverage.

They have two interior layers.  Made from 100% cotton muslin.  It includes a layer to add your own PM 2.5 paper filter or other filtering layer.

The extra layers give you a 4-layer protective barrier to protect you from germs.

Our dust masks are great for work or those with an active lifestyle.

Please note that our dust masks are not medical grade.

Check out our range of dust masks today