Style Face Masks

How to Look Good Whilst Wearing Your Style Face Mask

For many people, wearing a face mask all the time will be new.  It may be annoying and intrusive for some people.  Others may find wearing boring colored face masks is not who they are.

But you can still look good in a face mask and be protected!

Many style face masks are available.  They come in a massive range of designs and colors.  Lots of style face masks feature printed on designs of popular themes.

In fact, you can also use your style face mask to express yourself.

Many people wear a style face mask that represents their favorite soccer team.  Others wear a style face mask with a cheeky expression for how they are feeling.

In such a short time fashion has made finding the perfect style face mask for you quick and easy.

Pick A Style Face Mask with a Classic Style

For many people still, a plain colour style face mask will be best.  Or a style face mask with some sort of basic pattern.  Because more and more people wear style face masks, you can either wear one that fits in or stands out.  

It is your choice but wearing a style face mask is a great way to express yourself, whilst staying safe.

Pick A Style Face Mask That Expresses You

If you want to stand out from the crowd you can always pick a custom style face mask.  These styles range from anything.  They can include smiley faces or cheeky grins.  They can show your hobbies or interest.

If you like cats (and who doesn’t?), you can get face masks with cat designs on it to show your love of cats to the world.  That is just one example of custom styles.

Picking a style face mask is about choice and individuality.  You should pick a style face mask that sums you up.  After all, you are the person who wears it all the time.

But do not forget to make sure that your style face masks also keeps you safe.  This means it needs to be breathable, adjustable, and to allow for filters.  The function of your style face mask is still the most important buying decision for a style face mask.  Except now, you can also have a little fun with it.

This goes a long way to make sure that style face masks are no longer considered boring.  If wearing a style face mask is cool or trendy it encourages people to start wearing face masks.

That means more and more people continue to be safe.  And that is not a bad thing. 

Buy Your Style Mask from Fitted

Fitted sells a wide range of style face masks designed to keep your safe.  

Our style face masks come in a variety of designs:

  • Block Stripes
  • Plain Pastel Color
  • Thin Stripes

They are flexible and you can wear them in the office or at home.

The exterior of each reusable face mask is 100% breathable cotton.  Designed to be comfortable and to fit to the face with the greatest coverage.

They have two interior layers.  Made from 100% cotton muslin.  It includes a layer to add your own PM 2.5 paper filter or other filtering layer.

The extra layers give you a 4-layer protective barrier to protect you from germs.

Our style masks are great for work or those with an active lifestyle.

Please note that our style masks are not medical grade.

Check out our range of style masks today