Washable & Reusable Face Masks

Why Is A Washable Face Mask the Best Type to Wear?

For many people, wearing a face mask may be new.  It may also be uncomfortable and something they only associate with hospitals.  That is why, for many, a face mask is something that is disposable.

You wear it, throw it away, then wear a fresh one.

But we are all living in times where wearing a face mask is more and more mandatory.   It makes sense to choose to wear a face mask that is washable and reusable.  

A Washable Face Mask Is Safer

Using a reusable face mask means that when you wash it you put it in the washing machine.  Washing it at a high temperature kills germs and bacteria on the mask.  This means that when you dry it and wear it again it is clean and safe.

You do not get this with a face mask that is not reusable.  That could be a disposable face mask or a special face mask with a special filter to help you breathe.  One type of face mask like this is an N95 face mask.  These types of face masks protect you from breathing in harmful pollutants and dust, but do not last.

A Reusable Face Mask Saves You Money

Wearing these specialist face masks can cost you more money in the long terms than a face mask that is washable.  This is true for families.  A family who invests in a few boxes of disposable face masks are better off buying a reusable face mask instead.

One for each family member means that not only are they personalised, you do not need to keep on buying face masks.  Washable face masks last a long time.  They are also easy to clean.

A Washable Face Mask Is Easy to Clean

You do not have to wash your reusable face mask in the washing machine.  You can also wash your washable face mask with hot water and detergent.  The result is the same.  The hot water and detergent kills germs and bacteria on the face mask.

Make sure that you put your washable face mask in the dryer to dry it.  The heat also helps not only to dry it faster, but also kills germs and bacteria.

So, not only are reusable masks safer for you, they are also gentler on your wallet and easy to maintain as well.  It makes perfect sense to invest in washable face masks to help protect yourself and your family.  They also come in some cool designs too! 

Buy Your Reusable Mask from Fitted

Fitted sells a wide range of reusable face masks designed to keep your safe.  

Our reusable face masks come in a variety of designs:

  • Block Stripes
  • Plain Pastel Color
  • Thin Stripes

They are flexible and you can wear them in the office or at home.

The exterior of each reusable face mask is 100% breathable cotton.  Designed to be comfortable and to fit to the face with the greatest coverage.

They have two interior layers.  Made from 100% cotton muslin.  It includes a layer to add your own PM 2.5 paper filter or other filtering layer.

The extra layers give you a 4-layer protective barrier to protect you from germs.

Our reusable masks are great for work or those with an active lifestyle.

Please note that our reusable masks are not medical grade.

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